Smart Business Tips

Do you think of selling with soul for a smart business? Or do you take your business for granted?

We are living in a time of great change. You can see it in the news, in the lives of your friends, and in your own daily business and marketing challenges. You can feel it. It’s all around. And when you listen closely, you know that you are being called to a new level of integrity in your business dealings, perhaps even in the kind of business that you provide.

Through it all, there is a demand that you make truly smart business decisions, decisions that effect how you will treat both yourself and your customers, decisions that tap into a new depth of commercial integrity, an integrity that resides in your soul…

Can you feel it as you read this?

Can you sense it as you think about the customers you serve?

If yes, then it’s time for you to take a new approach to your marketing that will express your deep care for your customers’ well being, rather than just going after closing the sale.

** Determine what you actually feel — at the seat of your soul — for the people who are looking for you and what you provide. If this is difficult, remember that you decided to sell your particular service or product to help solve a problem that you know your buyer seeks to solve. Then, remember what it feels like when your buyers thank you for touching and changing their lives

** Be sure to write or speak your marketing message from your heartfelt care, rather than your head. That way your feelings of care will come across to your readers.

** Deepen your commitment to connect with your online and/or offline community from this inner space of heart and soul as you continue to build your business, so that everything you do confirms your integrity and brings greater joy and peace of mind to you and to your followers.

Because it is in your soul that you will find deep positive and heart-felt gudiance for running a spiritually smart business. And then you will speak from your soul to the soul of your customer’s sincere need. And when you do, your customer will know they are in the right place. They have found a home, a commercial home that they can trust and buy from again and again.

That’s the soul-based integrity you can enjoy. And grow your business knowing you are in service to the well being of yoru customers not just your bottom line.

Then you’ll be creating a better life for both of you… buyer and seller… because selling is spiritual service when you market from your soul-based integrity.

Smart Business Tips

Here are some tips that will help you with your profit and loss statement. You probably already know these things, but it’s nice to be reminded of them once in awhile.

Keep your overhead low. Instead of renting a building, why don’t you buy a building? Let’s take that even one step further. How about buying a building that is in foreclosure, so you will have instant equity. These properties are out there, you just have to look patiently for them.

Buy low and sell at a fair price. When I first began construction, I worked for a guy who was a smart businessman. He told me that if you offer a fair price and do good work, you’ll always be busy. My ex-boss was always busy. He’s now retired and wealthy.

Furthermore, if you buy products from a manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler, ask for a discount. When I first started one of my internet businesses, I asked for a discount from a manufacturer and the company gave me a 10% discount. That might not seem like a lot to you, but when you’re selling hundreds of items, it adds up very quickly.

As I write this, I think of a business plan. If you are able to remind yourself of your purpose for wanting and venturing out and doing your business, then your business plan will have details with a complete financial and marketing plan. Your marketing strategy should be built around your strengths, your competitors’ weaknesses and your customers’ desires. Test the reality of your business. In other words, know why your business will work and how you will make it work. You need to think your business through step by step. Imagine everything being done to bring it to reality, especially the “bumps.” You’ll be able to even them out before one even happens.

Many business advisors say to allow yourself two hours every week for ONLY thinking and planning. This gives you time to map out how to keep your business going in the right direction. Do not allow anything to interfere with this time. You run your business. Don’t let it run you. Lastly, make sure you’ve established an annual operating plan. Review it and update it monthly with appropriate employees.

Smart Business Advertising Revealed

However, there are some very simple techniques you can do to advertise your business. The problem is that not all of them work. Since we live in a smaller town, we thought we could do our advertising more low key. I was opening a new restaurant downtown and figured it would be visible to enough people who were passing by to scare up enough new customers. To be on the safe side, we painted a big sign in the front of the place, had a grand opening ceremony and even put an ad in the local newspaper.

Opening day turnout proved to be less than dismal. I realized it would be a struggle to open a new restaurant. What I didn’t realize exactly how big of a struggle it would be. For the first couple of weeks, customers were very scarce. Then, we took a smarter approach to advertising our business.

Different businesses approach smart business advertising differently. I have a cousin who was involved in an online business and he needs to use some pretty sophisticated advertising tricks. For him, it is all about maximizing Google hits and improving the search results. He uses business articles, keyword lists as well as links to other popular websites all in hopes of promoting his business ventures. However, in my particular situation we do not need to utilize such advertising techniques. After all, we are a local business. Where I live, people don’t really use the Internet, especially for dining.

For my business, the key to success was to maximize outdoor exposure. First off all, this meant I needed to buy an advertisement on a billboard on the local highway. Since we live fairly close to the interstate, I cannot believe I didn’t think of this sooner. The billboard was successful in getting out of town customers to visit our restaurant. But we were still looking to appeal to the local clientele. In order to do that, we invested in some neon signs that were quite snazzy. Since my brother is a designer, he was able to hook me up with an excellent deal on my business signs. We also went to the local grocery stores and handed out coupons good for one free meal. Although we lost a bit of profit in the short term, in the long run, we were able to pick up a lot of repeat customers.

5 Tips For Smart Business Success

If you run a business then chances is you are concerned about its success. The challenge then becomes how you go about making your business a success. There are certain things that you will need to consider in an effort to have business success. Here are 5 tips for smart business success.

The first tip is that the product or service must satisfy the immediate needs of the consumer. The consumers must like a particular product launched by the company and in case the liking is established the product launch is completely successful. The aim of the product being launched should be very specific so that the consumers know how the company aims to satisfy their needs. The product diversity and nature of services provided are very important and should be aimed at improving the quality of life of the consumers.

The second tip that needs to be kept under consideration is that the product or service must be fairly priced and the consumers should not think that they are being overcharged by the company. It should be clear to the customers, the products nature and exact price. If the product is being marketed in a competitive market then it should have certain features in it such that selling it is easy and more consumers will be attracted to it because they will find certain characteristics which are unique from the rest. The safe businessman’s approach would be to start off with a particular project that has already made a mark in the market. Then capitalizing on the market will not be very tough because a market is already available. If the product can be made better than the other products in the market then the newly launched product will be a success.

The third tip is keeping your finances under proper control so that unnecessary expenditures are curbed and budgeting is done properly so that the money is in a proper direction. Money management is important for any business and money management determines the success of many companies and the successful companies all have a proper financial policy.

The fourth point is that the inflow of cash into a business is very important because it will determine smooth running. Every entrepreneur has to pay attention to the cash flow so that there is a smooth running of the business. Budgeting and review of the monthly or weekly expenditure is very important.

The last and a very important point is maximization of the markets through a proper marketing strategy. This means that the product has to reach out to many people so that they can be aware of and use it. This will require some thought and in some cases expert help.